We Offer Complete RCM services


Medical Billing & coding

Proper medical billing and coding is essential for ensuring reimbursement, and even a minor error can cause payment delays. Alfatech has a devoted team of billers and coders who work tirelessly to guarantee that healthcare facilities are reimbursed by patients and payers for the services they provide.


Accounts Receivable

Alfatech takes a proactive approach to managing your practice's accounts receivable by identifying any outstanding payments that should be paid to the provider or healthcare facility, and pursuing the patient or payer for the unpaid balance. We also ensure that payments are posted in a timely manner to optimize the billing process.


Credentialing & Contracting

Credentialing and contracting are fundamental requirements for starting a healthcare facility and establishing a strong relationship with both insurance companies and patients. At Alfatech, we help negotiate contracts with insurance payers and keep them up-to-date to ensure that you can receive the highest possible reimbursement rates.


Out –of-network negotiation

With our skilled negotiation and settlement team, Alfatech aggressively negotiates out-of-network claims with pricing vendors. We understand that out-of-network billing can be the most challenging aspect of billing, but our team has the expertise necessary to manage it effectively.


Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Having accurate information about insurance coverage and reimbursement depends on eligibility and insurance claims. To guarantee payment for the services provided, healthcare facilities must confirm each patient's eligibility and benefits. Let us be a valuable asset to your team throughout this procedure.